Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Salutations and niceties

Hi, blog! Nice to meet you. And hi to any readers who may be perusing this post. I'd like to offer you a warm, hearty welcome to my blog. I'd also like to offer you a drink or a cookie, but we'll have to settle for an e-handshake for now. It's impersonal, but don't worry. This blog will not be.

I decided to call my little corner of the internet Existentialist Barbie because the title reflects me. I love to analyze, deconstruct, theorize, and engage in just about every activity ending in "ize" (except for cauterize). I write screeds, rants, stories, and poetry (and, quite obviously, lists). I draw and paint and debate. I work in a beauty supply shop and am studying to become a hairdresser. My natural hair color hasn't been seen for over a decade. I can be a little bit strange, and more than a little spacey.

I'll cover a multitude of topics in this blog, but would like to mainly focus on philosophy and religion. I consider myself a Christian universalist, and will explore theological subjects. I also want to discuss matters such as gender and sexuality, feminism, and various social phenomena. Comments are encouraged, and open dialogue is welcome. People of all faiths and ideologies are welcome to post comments, and I hope we will all learn from each others' perspectives. My only rule is that we all remain respectful to one another.

I can't think of anything else to say in terms of an introduction, so I hope this will suffice. Hope to speak with you all in the future. Blog on.