Tuesday, November 15, 2011


A poem I wrote last week.

*   *   *

If only I could freeze my reflection
And step into a mirror,
Watching passively behind protective glass
As traffic whirs by
And the sun hitchhikes on the wind,
While my world stands placid and still.

At night I slip behind the computer screen
Into a glowing dimension of vicarious adventures,
Numb mindless clicking and waiting.
I want to stitch my own words
Onto the technological patchwork
But they boil beneath my surface,
Encased by a thick sheet of ice.

I even keep friends enclosed
In glossy mental snapshots
Afraid to dial their numbers
Lest I disturb the frames.

Instead, I nestle into my old chrysalis.
Last time, I'd hoped to emerge with vibrant wings,
Fluttering from one endeavor to another,
Sampling the nectars of success.
Instead, I became a pale moth
Who haplessly chases flickering lights
And dreams of touching the moon.

I wrap myself tightly in this cocoon,
In stasis until the sun
Peeks through my layers
Once again.

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